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    Introducing Ranked Games & The Spades Affiliation!


    Today is the big day for Prominence Poker! At long last, we’re thrilled to announce that our much-anticipated update is now available to download on Steam, with a console release coming early next week. This update brings a ton of new features to Prominence Poker and lays down a great foundation for the game going into 2017. Many thanks go out to the community for all their support, patience, and feedback since launch; we couldn’t do it without you!


    Big Updates


    •         The Spades Affiliation

    o   New Venue: Motherland Meats

    o   New Underground content

    o   New Rewards

    •         Affiliation Rank 4

    o   50 additional levels per affiliation

    •         Ranked Games

    o   Ranked Rewards

    o   Ranked Seasons (1 calendar month)

    o   Ranked Leaderboards

    o   Ranked Nameplates

    •         New Achievements


    Notable Changes

    •          Daily Cut Reward values have been increased 5X
    •          New Shop Items (including holiday specific items)
    •          All Shop Items will have their unlock levels removed and can be purchased at level 1


    Bug Fixes


    Fix Summary

    •          Various crash bugs have been fixed
    •          Various disconnection bugs have been fixed
    •          Fixed localization bugs
    •          Various fixes have been made to the UI, including the Radial Action Menu (RAM)

    Notable Fixes

    •         Fixed a bug where joining the game through the friends list after the friend had left triggered a pop-up and prevented the player from joining the game
    •         Fixed a bug where the game would enter an unresponsive state for an extended period of time when the player exited a tournament during an all-in situation
    •         Fixed a few issues with voice chat in which certain conditions prevented people from using it
    •         Fixed a bug that caused players to force check/fold
    •         Fixed an instance where voice communication would persist outside of the game in some instances

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