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    New Update Released: Classic Mode, Lobby rework, and more!


    Hello Superfighters!

    The latest update adds a more traditional way to play, which we call "Classic Mode." But let's start with one of the most widely requested changes - allowing more players to join a single game. Classic mode supports three to eight players, doubling the maximum number of players per game.

    Classic Mode's format is much closer to the physical version of Superfight: the winner of a round continues on to fight the next player. At game creation, players decide on how many round wins determine the game winner. With more players, and more traditional rules - this modes allows you to include more friends in a game and play the game in a way most are used to.

    With a new mode in play, we wanted to give you an easy way to create and join games. Instead of matchmaking, we now show all games that are looking for players. When starting or joining games, you will find that we added a game browser. Any games needing more players are listed and can be sorted by the game mode.

    We hope you enjoy the update and additions! Stay tuned for more, and keep Superfighting!

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