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    Since 1999, Pipeworks has been quietly developing best-selling games and beloved game franchises from deep in the heart of Oregon. Our teams are creating truly unique original IP games alongside our on-going work with key game franchises and outside partners.

  • We’ve had a pretty rich history. Our founding team came out of legendary developer Dynamix in 1999 to create Pipeworks, with a focus on technically-innovative independent games. In 2005 we were one of the studios that formed Foundation 9 Entertainment, which went on to be the biggest independent game developer in the world – and in the process, Pipeworks created three #1 games. In our third act, Pipeworks became  part of the Digital Bros. Group, with a charter to create significant new IP to maximize our traditional strengths. In our nineteenth year, Pipeworks is now independent once more and acts with the passion of a start-up studio with the benefit of a wealth of experience in game development.

    We believe in creating popular, innovative, and unique games that harness the creative spark of our teams and embrace the power of our players and community. We focus on three types of projects: the best original ideas from our teams, important entertainment franchises, and strategic projects with a purpose beyond the commercial game mainstream.

    Our games are as unique as our individual teams, and a reflection of their vision, personality, and expertise. We don’t limit ourselves to one genre or platform. From AAA transplatform multiplayer games, to streamer-centric party games, to radical AI-driven simulations, to artful action games, to award-winning defense trainers for the US Navy, each team at Pipeworks creates the best games as only they can.

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  • We rely on an innovative game Incubation process which looks to teams and individuals to drive ideas from concept to completion. It’s our people that define Pipeworks and create the games that only we can: no matter your role at Pipeworks, you will have the opportunity to conceive, pitch, and potentially build the passion project you’ve dreamed of. We’re honored to have assembled an amazing mix of talent only possible in the indie-game utopia of Eugene, Oregon – one of the longest-standing game development communities in the United States. We complement industry veterans who have contributed to countless blockbuster titles with a consistent, remarkable influx of the best University graduates and young creative minds to create a collaborative atmosphere of expertise, talent, and limitless potential. We pride ourselves on being a studio that’s as great to work for as it is to work with.

    If you’ve made it this far, we hope you’ll register, join us, and take part in our community as we explore Pipeworks’ exciting new direction. You’re not going to want to miss what we unveil throughout 2018 and beyond.


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