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  1. Meet the Team is a regular feature in which we interview members of the Pipeworks team working on Terraria to give you a brief introduction to the people working behind the scenes to maintain and improve your favorite game. Today, our subject is Associate Producer Zach Cieslinski. Can you give us your name and title? Zachary Cieslinski, Assistant Producer, Smalltime Meme. Where are you from, and how long have you been working in games? Pacific Northwest native. I’ve been working on games since I was born. They called me game baby. I started getting a salary for it in 2014. What have you worked on in the past that people might know? I worked on SoccerDie, and Prominence Poker here at Pipeworks, and before that, I worked on the indie game Travelogue. I'm also the announcer's voice in SUPERFIGHT! Can you tell us what you do on the Terraria team? I’m working with the team to bring you the newest version of Terraria on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I also do all the things the other folks on the project don’t. This includes being delegated tasks by the Lead Producer, arranging localization, fiddling around with knobs on the first party developer sites, talking with the publisher, making sure monitors are budgeted for, ordering monitors, making sure everyone is on the same page about console compliance, replying to e-mails, and All The Other Things. Assistant Producers are like spackle for a project, just filling in the cracks so everyone else can focus on doing their jobs. What makes you passionate about working on Terraria? Terraria made a really strong first impression on me. It took the sandbox genre that I love, and gave it the depth I craved where other titles were shallow. There was always a ton of things to do, and a solid point of reference to come back to. My brother and I spent dozens of hours on a single map just building, fighting, and exploding! I’ve always wanted to contribute to a game like Terraria, but never thought I would get the opportunity to contribute to Terraria itself! I won’t squander such a rare opportunity, dear forum readers. What would you like to tell players about the future of Terraria on consoles? The console future is a brilliant one!
  2. Prominence Poker has made some incredible strides since our Closed Beta in April with frequent updates that included tons of new features, bug fixes, and tweaks that helped us understand what you, the player, really wanted. It wasn’t always easy, but this has been an incredibly rewarding experience for the entire development team at Pipeworks. Believe us; we couldn’t have done it without you. We are happy to announce that today Prominence Poker is exiting Early Access and officially launching on Steam; giving thousands of new players their first look into the world of Prominence. While our path in Early Access is coming to an end we will continue to support the game with additional patches that add new features, tweaks, and fixes in 2017. Our journey to keep expanding what we believe is the best poker experience on Steam is far from finished, and we hope that you will continue to follow our developments as we move into 2017 and beyond. See you at the tables! The Prominence Poker Team Interested in giving Prominence Poker a shot? You can download it for free on Xbox One, PS4, and PC right now.
  3. Today is the big day for Prominence Poker! At long last, we’re thrilled to announce that our much-anticipated update is now available to download on Steam, with a console release coming early next week. This update brings a ton of new features to Prominence Poker and lays down a great foundation for the game going into 2017. Many thanks go out to the community for all their support, patience, and feedback since launch; we couldn’t do it without you! Big Updates The Spades Affiliation o New Venue: Motherland Meats o New Underground content o New Rewards Affiliation Rank 4 o 50 additional levels per affiliation Ranked Games o Ranked Rewards o Ranked Seasons (1 calendar month) o Ranked Leaderboards o Ranked Nameplates New Achievements Notable Changes Daily Cut Reward values have been increased 5X New Shop Items (including holiday specific items) All Shop Items will have their unlock levels removed and can be purchased at level 1 Bug Fixes Fix Summary Various crash bugs have been fixed Various disconnection bugs have been fixed Fixed localization bugs Various fixes have been made to the UI, including the Radial Action Menu (RAM) Notable Fixes Fixed a bug where joining the game through the friends list after the friend had left triggered a pop-up and prevented the player from joining the game Fixed a bug where the game would enter an unresponsive state for an extended period of time when the player exited a tournament during an all-in situation Fixed a few issues with voice chat in which certain conditions prevented people from using it Fixed a bug that caused players to force check/fold Fixed an instance where voice communication would persist outside of the game in some instances
  4. SUPERFIGHT is now available for a massive 80% discount from its regular price of $9.99. Not only that, there’s also a 30% discount to all existing DLC; excluding the Horror & Election DLC which was just released. It has never been a better time to join in on a game of absurd arguments with friends! Most importantly, we’ve also released a free update which includes Classic Mode bringing the digital version of SUPERFIGHT closer than ever to its physical counterpart. With the addition of Classic Mode the game now supports up to 8 players, doubling the maximum number of players. Classic Mode's format is much closer to the physical version of Superfight: the winner of a round continues on to fight the next player. At game creation, players decide on how many round wins determine the game winner. With more players, and more traditional rules - this modes allows you to include more friends in a game and play the game in a way most are used to.
  5. ClearConscious


    It's here! The biggest update for SUPERFIGHT is now Live - there's a ton of new things, and we've touched on them briefly two posts ago. We'll start with what we've announced so far, and then move on to the rest of the cool stuff. Let's dive in. The Challenge Deck The Challenge Deck allows you to modify fights similar to Locations and Scenarios. These cards change the argument; it's no longer about a fight, but something specified in the deck. Who would win in a Hot Dog Eating Contest or a Rap Battle? This deck is free, and you'll find it in your Collection next time you log in. You'll start with most of the cards, but some unlock through progression. These cards can be turned on by the game host. Give these a shot for some hilarious arguments! Deck Selection Updates In the spirit of providing more ways to play with the cards you own, we wanted to let you mix and match your decks. Want Anime Characters with Walking Dead Attributes? DO IT. When you're about to enter a game, you can decide which parts of a deck you'd like to bring with you. This applies to Characters, Attributes, Locations, and Scenarios. Try mixing up your decks and see what happens. Tip: if you try mixing Red and Green! Voting Update We've improved a few things about voting as a judge IN game. We now allow you to vote at any time during the discussion. This frees you up to make that decision with a bit more time. We found that there was quite a bit of pressure to do so. We also added voting indicators for the judges. Once you vote for someone, your name shows up on the side you voted for. This makes it clearer to everyone in game that you've made a choice. We're hoping this also creates discussion around why judges are siding with a particular fighter. These changes also help us with... Sudden Death We want the winner to ALWAYS feel awesome. We felt the previous tie system while great, ultimately became a coin toss. That's no fun at all. So we're changing it up. Now, when judges can't agree on a winner, we go in to SUDDEN DEATH. We throw out the cards for both fighters, and draw again. This time, it's just characters. We make the fighters argue it out again - leaving it to the judges to come to agreement. We repeat this until the fighters make a compelling enough argument for the judges to agree. Get ready to lose more friends! Art Collection As you've seen through many of our posts, we've created art that supports some of the crazy combinations you can put together in SUPERFIGHT. We enjoyed the art so much that we made them a part of the game. We also thought it would be amazing if the art unlocked as you actually got the combinations in the illustration. Each picture uses a full combination of cards - one character and two attributes. You unlock each picture if you get two of the three cards during a round of SUPERFIGHT. Each picture also has a Title you can earn to go a long with it. New Titles In addition to the new Titles that unlock with the combinations from the Art Collection, we've put in several new Titles that unlock in the same manner. If you're able to make certain combinations, you earn a new Title. What's left? While the above additions and updates are the majority of what's going on, we've applied a number of fixes and tweaks to improve the game. We're continuing to listen to your feedback, and are now focused on the next big update. This one will be just as big - and I can share more soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy the new additions! Thank you for playing SUPERFIGHT! The SUPERFIGHT Team
  6. Prominence Poker allows players to enter the city of Prominence and seek out fame and fortune with high stakes poker games in a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons. By building their reputation through defeating cunning factions in Prominence, players will have the opportunity to go up against “The Mayor” – the mysterious town founder. Thanks to the input of four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Max Pescatori, Prominence Poker offers would-be card sharps the most authentic poker experience available on Xbox One. Boasting gorgeously seedy locations, intricate character customization, and unprecedented, high-stakes poker action, Prominence Poker provides unparalleled immersion, whether you’re playing against computer-controlled players in singleplayer, or placing bets against other people in Prominence Poker’s competitive online multiplayer modes. Daily events, regular tournaments, and a host of unlockable outfits and table items ensure players will return to the tables over and over again in the hopes of striking it rich. You can download Prominence Poker at no cost by visiting the Xbox Store on your console, or at Xbox.com: http://bit.ly/2aT1vz3 For more information on Prominence Poker, take a look at our official website at ProminencePoker.com, follow us on Twitter @prominencepoker and @pipeworksstudio, or on Facebook at facebook.com/prominencepoker. And don’t forget to tune in to the Xbox Game With Dev livestream on August 16 at 2:30 PM PDT: twitch.tv/xbox
  7. Greetings, Superfighters! We're happy to announce that both the Anime and Expansion One DLC Decks will be available to purchase tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM PDT. Want to get a sneak peek of what's going to be available? Check it out below. Anime Deck: Expansion One Deck: You can find the Anime Deck here, as well as the Expansion One deck here. As always, if you have any feedback make sure to drop by our official community site, or the Steam forums.
  8. 505 Games and indie studio Pipeworks, developers of the upcoming multiplayer poker game Prominence Poker, are pleased to announce today that Xbox One owners can put their antes on the table and pre-download the game in advance of its upcoming release for Xbox One on August 16. The game will also be released for PlayStation 4 later this year and remain available on Windows PC via Steam’s Early Access Program. Prominence Poker is an authentic poker experience that boasts a high level of detail in its mechanics thanks to the considerable input of four-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet holder Max Pescatori. As a special promotion for launch, players have a chance to play the game against Pescatori. By mastering Prominence Poker's gameplay - notably the ability to bluff, read tells from players and the game of poker itself - and building their bankroll, players can qualify for a private match against the poker legend himself. In the game, players will visit and play their way through the city of Prominence, a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons, and seek the thrill of high stakes poker - while risking it all to win over the underground empire. After creating their alter ego, players will challenge unscrupulous characters across four cunning factions - all for a final showdown with "The Mayor" - the mysterious town founder. Prominence Poker is currently available for Windows PC on Steam’s Early Access Program as a free download for those that want to help shape the game during the title’s final stage of development. The game’ will launch for Xbox One on August 16 while its full launch on Windows PC (Steam) and PlayStation 4 is expected later this year. Pre-download Prominence Poker for free on Xbox One here.
  9. Via @Amor I'd like to open by saying thanks. I can say that the Superfight team had an amazing weekend watching you (who streamed) play our game. We're grateful for your time and support. Yeah! This closed beta ends today, June 6 at 11:59 pm Pacific. As the first round of closed beta draws to a... close we've learned so much about how you play Superfight, and we now have piles of notes. We can't wait for you to see some of the additions and changes we're going to make. We'll be coming back online on June 23 at 9:00 am Pacific. Mark it on your calendar! So what do you do until then? We'd love to hear what you thought about the game. So please, hit our feedback forums to let us know what you thought. Can't wait to see more Superfight? We'll be streaming it every Wednesday at 2:00 pm Pacific, so please follow us on our Twitch channel. Also, feel free to follow us on Twitter @SuperfightLive - for the latest updates. Again, thank you so much for playing Superfight. Keep the feedback coming, and get ready to play in about two weeks! **Note: If you didn't get in for this round, you'll be getting a code for Closed Beta #2**
  10. Following a successful closed beta test – we can’t possibly thank our testers enough; your feedback and suggestions were brilliant – Pipeworks and publisher 505 Games are proud to announce that Prominence Poker has entered Early Access! Not only does this mean that Prominence Poker is one step closer to its official launch, it also means that we’re opening the poker tables up to anyone with a valid Steam account. If you’ve been following the recent closed beta, just itching for a chance to toss your chips onto the table, you’ll be happy to learn that you can now join in at no cost. Prominence Poker is designed to be entirely free-to-play, now and forever, and the only things that will help you succeed at the tables are steely nerves and that fickle mistress called Lady Luck. Our closed beta test went a long way toward improving Prominence Poker and we’re hoping that Early Access allows us to polish our game even further. If you’d like to help, you’ll find everything you need to download Prominence Poker and start playing on the game’s Steam page. We’ll see you in Prominence!
  11. Pipeworks Studio and publisher 505 Games would like to welcome you to Prominence Poker, a game that pits players from around the world against each other -- and devious AI -- to build the rep, prestige, and bankroll needed to be, and beat, the best of the best. Set in the city of Prominence, a gambling paradise founded by crooked folks looking to go straight, players will face down factions as they play their way solo to a final showdown with "The Mayor" -- the mysterious town founder who will guide the player through their career. Prominence Poker seamlessly blends the classic gameplay and tension of the world’s most popular card game with modern gaming technology. More than a simple recreation of poker, Prominence Poker also features a colorful, stylish aesthetic, simple, intuitive multiplayer options, and a wealth of clothing and accessories to ensure that each character is as unique as the player on the other side of the monitor. Available soon via closed beta testing on Steam (PC), players will have the opportunity to play a pre-release version of the game, and provide critical feedback as we move towards a world-wide launch. Prominence Poker is also slated to reach the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms later in 2016. Everyone who participates will receive exclusive in-game rewards, as a ‘thank you’ for your assistance and support. Players can obtain a code below: Gain Access to the Prominence Poker Closed Beta on Steam! (Pipeworks Studio) For more information on Pipeworks Studio, please visit Pipeworks.com, or connect with us on social media. Our Twitter account is @Pipeworks, and our Facebook page is located at http://www.facebook.com/pipeworksstudio.
  12. On March 14, Twitch, the world leader in streaming gameplay footage, announced a new initiative aimed at promoting the development of games that incorporate modern streaming video technology. Inspired by unique collective gameplay experiences such as Twitch Plays Pokemon, the streaming giant hopes developers will embrace the potential of audience interaction in their game designs. “In the last few years, we have seen a great deal of creativity in online interaction methods from the Twitch community, including Twitch Plays games, channel loyalty currencies, and subscriber tournaments, among many others,” said Brooke Van Dusen, Twitch’s Director of Game Developer Success. “However, these systems have always been external to the games broadcasters are playing. Stream First games by nature embrace these developments, incorporate features inspired by these creative concepts of Twitch community interaction, and bring about an entirely new genre of video game.” The poster child for this concept is Pipeworks’ own SUPERFIGHT, the digital incarnation of Darin Ross’ hit card game of outrageous arguments. Though at its core, SUPERFIGHT is a game about two people engaged in a duel of wits, the most impressive aspect of SUPERFIGHT lies in its ability to immediately engage viewers around the globe. Using a simple, intuitive interface, viewers cast votes for the best, most inspiring, most hilarious arguments, and are rewarded with both persistent in-game experience points, and the satisfaction of watching a player’s dreams of victory collapse in real-time. As a sterling example of Stream First game design, SUPERFIGHT took its first steps into the public limelight at the 2016 Game Developers Conference. Twitch kicked things off with a live demo of the game featuring Pipeworks Game Designer Amor Estandian alongside three popular Twitch personalities, Swiftor, PhallofPhariss, and DzLiveOnTwitch. If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch the match in its entirety on Twitch, and you can check out the trailer below: Additionally, SUPERFIGHT will be featured at the Twitch booth throughout GDC. If you’re attending the show, drop by booth #1224 in South Hall to see SUPERFIGHT in person.
  13. We are very excited to announce that the new patches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be rolling out over the coming days! PS4 should be live later today (December 16, 2015), with Xbox One coming a few days later, as we are currently finishing up all things submission-related with Microsoft! To give you a preview of what's contained in it, here is the complete change log. It's not just bug fixes, either... there are new changes and improvements to what you are already enjoying! Thank you for playing Gems of War! New and Updated Features: Arenas: You are now given a choice between three Epic weapons for your Hero at the start of Arena mode! You can also purchase the Troops you get in Arena mode if you win at least three rounds. Main Menu: Invade and Defend buttons have been merged into a new PVP menu. Main Menu: News button added to bring up the News window. Main Menu: Hero portrait now shows Armor bonuses. New PVP Menu: This menu shows your stats for PVP victories and defeats and has three buttons: Invade, Revenge (formerly known as Defend), and Defenders (sets your Defense Team). Troops Menu: This menu has been completely reworked! Banners have been changed to Teams. Players are awarded 1 team every 10 levels. Teams can have their banner set to any Kingdom you have unlocked to provide different bonuses. Legacy accounts should have the number of teams that they had banners, even if they do not meet the level requirements. We have also added sorting by mana color, kingdom, and type! Hero Menu: This menu has been given a new layout. Mana bonuses are at the front now and are broken out into individual and Guild bonuses. For a small fee (in-game Gold currency), players can now view their opponent's team prior to battle! We added a tutorial message to explain the Kingdom/Main Menu mode button. Bug fixes for all platforms: Troop card border art has been changed to look better. We now prevent the user from backing out of the Treasure Map minigame while the award animation is playing. Even though they were still being awarded, it felt like they were not. Fixed a bug where a crash could occur when Disenchanting if you had large numbers of troops. Fixed a crash that could occur when you leveled up after a battle and were awarded a new weapon (due to increasing a mastery with certain tasks also completed at the same time). Fixed the Task for "Win a battle with 3 troops from {kingdom}", which was not awarding gold appropriately. Fixed the Task for "Use X treasure maps", which was not awarding appropriately. Fixed a spelling error in the "Make a purchase with gems" task description. Various other in-game text issue fixes. Xbox One-specific bug fixes: Fixed Mentor Achievement unlocking prior to fulfilling the criteria. Fixed placeholder characters for the in-title Store currencies when the console language and location settings are set to the following release combinations: English/Czech Republic Polish/Poland Portuguese/Portugal
  14. Pipeworks will be showcasing the digital version of Superfight during Comic-Con! You can view Superfight on the Skybound Twitch channel on both July 10th and July 11th. Schedule: July 10th 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (PDT) July 11th 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT) 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (PDT) 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (PDT)
  15. Pipeworks, in cooperation with Skybound and 505 Games, is elated to announce the upcoming digital version of SUPERFIGHT, the hit card game of outrageous arguments. Pitting players against one another in battles of hypothetical wit, SUPERFIGHT challenges players to make compelling arguments about the kinds of trivial subjects we all spend far too much time pondering. Who would win in a fight between a drunk Darth Vader and Abraham Lincoln riding a bear? Which is the better weapon: a rope of sausages or a skunk on a stick? “Back when I was still shipping Superfight out of a tiny apartment garage, I obsessed over what Superfight would look like someday as an app. I spent months thinking up what would be the best way to make this card game a digital game,” said Darin Ross, creator of Superfight. “Then Pipeworks showed up and carpet-bombed that idea with ideas and style that were way, way better. Pipeworks is perfect for Superfight, and I’m very grateful to them for what they are doing for my game.” Combining everything players love about the physical version of SUPERFIGHT with modern live streaming technology allows us to provide a unique experience for both players and fans. While absurd arguments are still the focus of the digital game, audience participation plays a major role in how matches play out. Using a simple, intuitive interface designed with Twitch in mind, viewers cast votes for the best, most inspiring, most hilarious arguments, and are rewarded with both persistent in-game experience points, and the satisfaction of watching a player’s dreams of victory collapse in real-time. SUPERFIGHT will be available for PCs via Steam later this year. For more on SUPERFIGHT, visit superfightlive.com.

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